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Cantrip is a quartet of Scottish traditional musicians that has been stunning audiences on several sides of the Atlantic since the end of the last century with its driving blend of twin fiddles, bagpipes and guitar. The name is an Old Scots word meaning a charm, magic spell or piece of mischief and it aptly describes the unexpected twists and turns in their musical arrangements likewise the compelling potency of their musicianship. From the strong base of its Celtic roots their music branches out into, and takes influences from, the music of other European cultures.

In the last few years Cantrip’s engagements have included performances at:

Gigs and Events for Spring 2012

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“Cantrip pulls together Breton, Scandic, a touch of the Balkans, and several strands of Scottish music to produce a rich and savoury feast from what is basically four lads having fun.”
Alex Monaghan, Irish Music Magazine

“ of the best concerts we’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. ”
Donna Bird & Cat Eldridge, Greenman

“Cantrip must have one of the strongest group personalities on the folk circuit. Their presentation is all energy as they channel modern swoops & slides of sound into the traditional repertoire. Their music comes from wild landscapes & wild places of the spirit” 
The Orcadian

“The whole is definitely greater than the sum of their parts” 
Jean-Yves Mofaux, East Arlington Times

Cantrip at the Reid Hall, Edinburgh
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